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When your starting up, merchandise might seem like a costly expense but it’s definitely something to consider to help push your brand awareness. By offering free promotional products to clients, the company is likely to leave an imprint in their mind, thus increasing the chances that customers buy products or services from your company again. Therefore, such merchandise effectively helps in creating brand loyalty. You can also use it to achieve specific objectives such as encouraging people to visit your shop or office, or to raise awareness about a newly-launched product or service.
The merchandise you use communicates a message about your business, so make sure you capture customer’s attention with something creative and useful. Whatever promotional merchandise you choose it must match your brand and really highlight what it is you do and what you stand for. If you make lots of environmental claims about your business, make sure you choose eco promotional merchandise.
The more expensive the merchandise, the more targeted the campaign should be, for example what do you want to achieve by handing out promotional merchandise to your customers or potential customers? Will it be a way of thanking your existing customers who already know who you are and what you do or is it a way of making potential customers know what it is you could do for them?
There is plenty to think about before making your final decision about what promotional merchandise would work best to promote your business, like how you plan to distribute it. If your considering handing out merchandise to clients at meetings, conferences or networking events, is it something people can carry around with them? If you plan to post it out, look into the postage costs before buying. If you want to give out to customers as they come into your premises, where will you store it?
It’s always a good idea to test small quantities of merchandise and see which works the best, by asking customers where they heard of you or why they decided to sign up for your newsletter or buy your new product, then order more of the item that gives the best return.
In whatever way you decide to use promotional products in your advertising campaign, they will certainly help you build brand awareness and increase sales for your company. Here at Garthys World we can help you with your merchandise questions and ideas! Give us a call for a free quote and we will help you and your business get recognised!


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