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About Us

Garthys World Craft Websites That You Can Update And Manage.


Get Your Company Introduced To The Digital World.
We’re a bunch of pretty cool cats and we run a Digital Design Studio here in Hartlepool, and we like to make your transition to the online world as easy as possible.


Don’t let our little town location stop you, we know our stuff and we cover the whole of the UK.


Since 2008 we’ve expanded to cover all of your marketing needs.

We started by building apps back in late 2008 and now we like to stay ahead of the game by offering everything from Website Design to Targeted Advertising.


Our mission is to help you get online by cutting out all of the jargon and putting you first.

We believe that we can help you succeed online by stripping it back to the basics and doing what we do best; showcase your business.


Our Vision is to help you succeed.

We work with you, to design a brand for you and your business.

Which is why we offer everything from Logo Design to eCommerce Websites.


Garthys World offer everything you need for your business to grow online, we can build you a bespoke website or an online store, on top of this we can help you with your branding with personalised business cards and even pop-up banners for your retail store.


We’re always here to listen, so, why not pop in for a coffee with our expert team and pick our brains!


Back in 2008 we got our foot on the ladder by building apps for the iPhone.

We noticed how fast the market was growing and we knew the next step was to start building websites for our clients; with the rise of WordPress Websites and Content Management Systems we knew this was the next step for us and our clients.


We knew that following this; offering Search Engine Optimisation was the next thing we had to do.


In 2010 we moved to our official office at 167A York Road in Hartlepool and then we knew it was real.


Once we made the move to our head office, colloquially known as Garthys HQ, our clients then started asking us for Print Products such as Business Cards and Flyers, then we knew what we had to do.


Once we started offering Print Services, Photography came hand in hand.


So, back in 2013 we opened up our own in-house Photography Studio where we can offer Product Photography and other Photography Services. Alongside this we offer Photoshoots with our very own Infinity Wall too!


In 2017 we started offering Google AdWords Management Services too.


And who knows what the future will hold…….


At Garthys World we will give you all of help you need to manage your online presence. If you’re a bit nervous or unsure, then we’ll even manage your website for you by performing monthly maintenance on a client-by-client basis.


Do you already have a website? Do you want help to make it do better?


It’s pretty much common practice now for every business whether local or international to have a Website. Whether it’s a brochure style website or a fully fledged eCommerce store. You need to be online to get noticed, and if you arent your competitors will be. You’ve probably heard it yourself, when you want something people just say “Google it”, that’s why its so important to have your business online and make sure all of your details are correct.

We offer all of the services you need to get online, not just on Google but everywhere.




Your website needs to look professional and up to date.


Imagine this: two opposing stores are both filled with exactly the same products. One has fresh paint and beautifully organised products, the other has paint chipped off and looks dated and worn. Where are you going to go?


The same rule applies to your website.


Leave the Website Design to Garthys World and we’ll keep the customers coming back for more!




This is one of the most important features of your website.


How frustrating is it when a website doesn’t fit the screen you’re looking at it on? We know how this feels which is why all of our websites are fully responsive and fit the screen no matter which device you’re clients are on.


This also helps your website get found online by making sure that it offers the user a great experience, which is what it’s all about.




If you want to get noticed you’ll need some fresh content.


We recommend updating your website regularly. right now you’re probably thinking “Will I need to hire someone for that?”


With Garthys World you don’t need to worry about that as all of the Websites that we design come with a Content Management System, which means you can update the content whenever you want! Or, just let us do it for you!